All of the game’s statistical information for both teams constitutes the only pertinent analytical guarantee. The statistical differences amongst two teams, in conjunction with graphical representations of attacks, serves and setter ball distributions becomes the undisputed verification of both teams tendencies as well as their efficiencies and inefficiencies.

Volleysoft supplies personal statistics on each player in seven compartments of play. In addition, it supplies specific statistics in real time and statistics for the preparation of game plans against your next adversary. There are also statistics to measure the efficiency of your players through out the season so you can then adjust your technical, tactical and physical programs.

In other words, Volleysoft does not leave anything to chance when it comes to arranging all aspects of the match with verifiable statistics. This happens thanks to the easy to use ergonomic interface that integrates the video with the software.

If you would like to see the utility of some of the statistical tables that are available press on the icon above. That will take you to a detailed description of these statistical tables. Do not forget that the information that appears on the statistical tables is verified automatically with the video component. |

If you wish to participate in a demonstration of the software programs or if you would like to try them out to become more familiar with them please contact our technical services by e-mail or by video or audio conference.


A statistical software program with video integration for the highest levels of volleyball performance

Price 1500 Euros


A specific analytical software program and video montage for two teams (no statistics).

Price 500 Euros


A statistical software program with video integration for the highest levels of beach volleyball performance.


Statistical software program specifically conceived for mass media

Price 33 Euros