Modern Volleyball requires proper game preparation. This involves the utilization of precise statistics to analyze tendencies, your opponentís styles of play as well as your teamís performance in each game and cumulative season. Vollesoft allows you to visualize statistics, attack and serve trajectories, setter distributions by rotation and quality of matches using tables and functions. All the tables are integrated with the video, allowing verification of all the actions already noted in the statistics.

Volleysoft is easy to use. You only need a mouse or a monitor touch screen. There is not a lot of training or complex codes to learn when entering information, consulting tables and the video integration is childís play. Many National and Professional teams utilize Volleysoft.

Why continue to waste time and money !

Video your teamís matches and sent it to us. We enter the information into the Volleysoft program and we send you your teamís and opponentís statistics integrated with the video by e-mail. Many formulas exist depending on your needs and time. You will no longer need a statiscian, you will only need a service contract with us, saving you time and money.


a) You send your video-cassette via mail.

b) You send you match via internet ADSL by uploading the match to our server.

The Internet solution is the fastest and allows a turnaround of the analysis and statistics in less than a day.

If you would like to download a software demo please click above.

If you would like an instructional manual please click above.

A service contract or the purchase of the software implies receiving automatic and free software updates.

If you see the need for a specific graphic of statistic let us know, we may be able to program them for your needs. |